jeudi 26 mars 2015

The Perfect place

Heya folks! I've just started on working on my final piece for my animation short at school called the perfect place.

Lately, i've done many other paintings, but I've mostly been busy at work! WHAt? yeah right, I am now working at Activision Beenox as a concept artist full time which leaves me with a quarter of the time I had planned for this project. as a result, I tried cutting my production time! this resulted in reduction of sharpness and beauty in my images, but learned a lot from it! down under you'll find those images i'm talking about, but for my final image, I will take as much time as I can, here are the steps for creating this piece (update on the fly)

They told me it lacked that BAM! effect they are right, but i'm still struggling to find how to make it so that it does not look like a comic book page and not on a vertical format, other comps to come for sure XD

SO, remade an other sketch since last one wasn't too epic either and i'm glad of it now, here is a really rough color sketch just to give me the base look I'll refine the sketch and yep take it to render time all week long :)

Going out of my confort zone, i'm trying a new workflow O.o

And here is the images on which I had less time and well, i'm not yet satisfied with the majority of them. But as I said it's a learning experience and so failing is part of it ;)
**Also note that I left my 2 lovely cintiq for an intuos for the last 2 month, trying to challenge my mind to think about the stroke i'm about to make and break my old bad habbits I got over the years XD**

mercredi 14 janvier 2015

I love furry moth n stairs XD

Steps are like:
1: finding a composition and color scheme that I like (nothing super tight here just trowing ideas)
2: basic block in
3: render render render till you die O.O


Going down the stairs:
I'm not so sure about these one hmmmm

so yeah they were not my favs frames so i took my fav and made it shine a bit more ;) now i like it :D

mercredi 7 janvier 2015


it's all about getting the right stroke at the right place and to reduce image to it's simplest idea.
It's hard but i'm trying myself at it!

made some progress I think as to finding the right combination of brushes for me that feels fun to use, I know the round brush is great and I love to use it at times, but when it comes to painting, I feel more confortable with harder brushes, I just love hard edges sooo freakin much! ok, so here are some stuff i tried :p some are shit some not :D

I need to practice my soft edges more, I really have a hard time depicting those

cleaned up some of my messy sketches haha!

mercredi 31 décembre 2014

Personal project!

Heya guys, just starting to post some of the concept i'm working on for a personnal; project, my main goal is to create some concepts that show my itteration process to later include in my portfolio, many more to come, but for now, most of the stuff is pretty ruff and not yet ready to be shown, some clean version are comming soon, I have something like 40 pages of sketches and itterations haha!

Here are some clean ones :)

The Fuel Tank gas station:
(i've been experimenting on how to show clean lineart. Been very inspired by Dorje Bellbrook way of showing some concepts)

Orthographic view from above:

Some logo ideations:

Some vehicles design:

How I create my design:

jeudi 4 décembre 2014


Here is my most recent portfolio.
You can also grab my resume by following one of the two links :



Here is an old one enjoy :D

mercredi 26 novembre 2014

makin animation

So yeah I started working on my animation projects, more to come, but here are some frames quick tests and sketches :)
Also, the idea evolved a lot during the process, so some stuff might date back a bit and do not reflect the final product XD