dimanche 29 juillet 2012

Working it out

I really got to focus this week, last week, I got trapped playing too much Path Of Exile... finished the game with my sista in 2 days O.o I'm terrible I know, I should focus my energy on painting :p!

So here is a little bit of today's work will post about whatevver I made ^^

Hey hi guys! I went to do some errands today!
I feel still a bit sleepy form my last short nights XD
Ha today's my mom's birthday!
So I wish her a big happy birthday and I want to thank her for all that she has done for me I <3 you mom!
I actually did a tatoo desing for her birthday, she just love tatoo! And the rest is some sketch/ enviro concept from me, no ref shall study from ref tonight, Photo direction of the film Yesterday when the war began IS AWESOME!!!! Will study that :P

So today, I keep on playing with stuff :p
More stuff comming! damn it's hot here in quebec city XD :D

Hey wassup again folks!
So yeah, i've been sketching a freakin lot those last 2 days, almost 20 pages of stuff XD so You can figure out that I'm not really up to scanning those and lose a good 1 hrs of work :p so i'm just gonna wait for my camera to come back and do a shoot of my work :P
Here's what i've been doing in photoshop tho :P

Hey hi once again folks! how ya doin? :p
For my part, i'm doing great, a little headheach due to lack of sleep but it's all fine :P
So yeah, here's my 20 pages of work post, all of my sketches this week :p
Hope you'll all like :P
Take care, see ya tommorow!

lundi 23 juillet 2012

Still working hard, wanna make it to the top!

Hey hi back guys! So, I've done a couple of work today, some took longer than others but it all went pretty well at the end ^^!
Hope you like it!

Hey wassup again guys!
Today I learned a few tricks from a new website really cool!
Thaught me that I should try to separate shadows from light! So I gave it a try!
Also, did more stuff on my own, based on what I know and learned XD Ended up pretty hard :P
So here's today's work, hope you'll enjoy!

I have to go to work, this is the reason of a little lack of painting and drawing today :p
also, don't forget that there is at least 8 pasges of sketches put together in one image so it's seems more little, so i'm still working hard!
Will wake up early tommorow  ;)

Waking up early was innefective XD
Too lasy to scan so here is a page :P will update the rest later!
Sorry for not much stuff, had to work on a special project that I can't show right now :P!

jeudi 19 juillet 2012

Music is all about love!

Yep that's right, I just love my music :D!
So, this week, i'm back on full tracks, experimenting like crazy and working a lot on sketches anatomy n stuff ^^!
Ha also got my cpu back, that's why! 
So, let's just hope you like the work ^^