mercredi 31 août 2011

I think I catched a cold :(


i'm tired, did this before going 2 sleep :P
crappy fast try! :p

U look at me it's like U hit me with lightning

next thing, were touching

God damn it!
fuckin colors, how do they work O.o!?


Cuz I just love them so much :D <3
can't draw without them, really :p


+ others music :p

mardi 30 août 2011

Fashion is a pandemic

Did this during my 5 hrs break at school, took 1 hrs :p

will update when done XD!

FOrget about the colors, my other laptop kills the colros :P
and there is something freaking wrong with her head, it's just don't connect... will correct that tommorow :p

Well, it did not get out the way I would have liked it to be :(
Too bad, and FUCK THAT :p
that's what I say every time I screw something XD
hope you like it!

color correction, i have difficulties giving an intense look to my colros...

dimanche 28 août 2011

I killed Pop art

I just most of the time hate pop art, i'm more into art nouveau stuff :p

Back 2 School

The title says everything :p

I'll post my progress on the animation i'm working on in my multimedia class hope u like!

I will shrink level 2 and 3 a bit :p

samedi 27 août 2011

Influence map

Cuz I just love all these :D

it's morning once again :P

Some morning sketch / warm ups for the upcomming drawing :D

Now, it's afternoon :p

Know what, my drawing sucked until i started working with A&B  <3

waiting girl 

That was morning of tommorow :p

What's up with my sunday morning?
Sketches again and morning wake ups :D
I'll then focus my afternoon on the tatoo of my friend, to end up with my homeworks :(

Going to eat :p

Wil finishit it laer, now it's for the tatoooz!

mardi 23 août 2011

I'm tired -_-

Body color tryout, skin test

Fabric tryout because when I started working on the tatoo, it didn't work out and I got frustrated ... :P

Shooting some crappy 15 min drawing idea shoot!

lundi 22 août 2011


Tatoo design for a boobies friend of mine, promised to do it 1 year ago, gotta finish this before doing anything else T_T

Anyway, i'm trying to put a rose symbol with the br
ambles behind the old school roses represented with the red dots.

this is all 4 tonight, i gotta go to sleep cuz i'm going to wake up pretty early tomorrow O.o :(

Hope she likes the look of it so far!

EDIT: flower tryout, seems niice to me :p

Some others, but I have to stop right now, gotta do my homeworks :p



Was not able to make something something enought satisfying in my taste to give it to my friend, so we decided to drop the project

jeudi 18 août 2011

Bad morning!

U know, when everything doesn't work :(

tried to do a portrait :P

Will finish this later , it's called the swarmlings :D

Back to school, Imma gonna try more reference drawingm, can't stick to jace wallace style, gotta find my own trought experiences :D!

mardi 16 août 2011

Fire n ice

I've been working on this this morning, but now, I've got a Headache and will wait a bit to continue :p

hope u like ^^!

OH! btw, the title has nothing to do with the trojan condom :P

Another tryout, think I should really be going 4 a nap :p greatly influenced by wakkawa style sry :P!

messing with alchemy once again :D love the mirror tool

lundi 15 août 2011

I'm back!

Ok so from now on, my blog will be in english, this should help me inprove :D

so Back in my hometown <3 did a bunch of crappy test 10- 20 mins each :p