samedi 30 juin 2012


HEll yeah, you heard me right :D!!!
I'm finally done with this!
I shall soon get back on business, as soon as my cpu is repaired! XD haha that's right, my cpu broke once again! In that time, i'm stuck on stealing my sista's cpu when she's not on facebook :P
So I had the chance to do this today, but there was this huge storm here and I lost most of my work T_T
Bad luck happen!
So here's a little bit of today!

face your inner monsters!
Trying new way of painting, everything is going great!

Nice day ^^ did some nice things with family and took it relax after awesome night XD :P
here's a sketch!

Heyy hello once again guys!
Just got back in the drawing JAM! Hell yeah! I really hope to get back in that shape really quick!
Today' i've been doing some studies and stuff on paper and on photoshop!
Will post scans tommorow or picture, cuz my sis didn't recharge the batteries...
Haha! hope you like the little that has been made!

Hey sup guys! well well, today's been about Girls body! I wanted to understand form and mass about that!
Got to tell you, I've been doing lots of stuff, but camera messed up my work since scanner is dead so here's a little bit of my work! once again sorry for the quality, hope you like it ^^

busy :p

I bought myself a little somethin, showin you guys next week ^^

lundi 18 juin 2012

HEll of a deal!


Heyyyyyy wassup guys!
OMG can't tell you how much happy I am to be back on my foot, almost XD
Anyway, it's so good to be back here, drawing, posting and stuff!
I'll be done with my full time job in 2 weeks and I recently cleared my other job, this is giving me just the good time to do a little bit of drawing when i'm back home! will hopefully be fully back pretty soon! I've exploring some thing down with brushes, but i've lost a little here during those 2 month I was absent!
Hope to recover fast, here's a little bit of tonight's work! hope you like the crappy :P haha!

just some scratch, I hope to really dig in something pretty soon, but first, I got to figure out how to paint well! will watch tutorials + wakkawa's livestream ^^!
Hope to post tommorow!

little has been done, but still, trying to figure out how to paint once again, switching between brush/eraser and making layers, gotta understand this :P

inspired by wakkawa's video and :

Guess what?! :D stuff happened again and wasn't able to draw that much ^^
Am I complaining a bit too much :P?
FUCK NO! FREAKIN LET ME DRAW!!!!! DON'T DISTURB! and let me use my time the way I want!
haha here's what little I have been able to do :(

Going to bed, last week of work :D