mardi 7 janvier 2014

Project or subject

Hey well, well, i have figured out i'm the kind of person who needs a subject to explore, or else, something bores me really fast XD I sketch whatever and get bored, but with a subject, I can go on forever haha! I prefer that!

So, some sketches from today, I dunno, random things, mabey tomorrow will be better in idea XD!
But today I made a brush and god it works soooo well!

Trying to get that color thing
So I took the class of mr Nathan Fowkes and started to make his homework it's way harder than I thaught! XD

And here's an oher one from week 2 of nathan fowkes schoolism color and light class!

random scribbles for fun no ref, mabey should have some on the side :p!

mercredi 1 janvier 2014


Yeahh onwards to 2014!

I have let it go a little during the holidays, gotta get back on the track quick haha!
Really progressed this year, but other part of my life suffered from it, will try to remedy that, less internet and time wasted, more focus and learning, also more personal piece, I mean studies are good, but I gotta create my own stuff :p

Have a nice 2014, here are some stuff :)

Them december daily studies

Character desing for a 3d class teacher who wanted some desing for his student to model in Zbrush


Ideas & sketches:

Random study