dimanche 26 février 2012

Hey wassuppeople!

So, this week has been a very busy week as you can see :P
Mostly sketches and studies, nothing very special here!

How the f have I made so many stuff?
Just created myself a Conceptart.org sketchbook and it motivates me a lot i'd say ^^!
here's the link!

And that's pretty much it, i gotta work a lot on homework, so see ya later ^^!

Fast 30 sec poses

 Thanks for passing by!

dimanche 19 février 2012

Real quick!

Heya, wassup people :P!

I seriously, gotta draw more than this XD stop AVA and internet to get into serious business!
Also, I'm doing my homework at the best I can :P one of today's drawing is one of my homeworks for after effect ^^!

Hope you like this week sketch and stuff, i'll be diving a lot more into this this week ^^!
In the hope of giving better art :D

Really random shit for class and fun

 The homework I was talking about!

Stuff for fun and tryout at rendering and playing with painting and layer in photoshop!

and studies!

WTF! I swear I flipped the images to see them clearly... -_-
Guess it's too bad!