jeudi 23 mai 2013

Keep on doing the perspective!

Hi guys, as you can see, i'm still working really hard!
Sadly most of my work is on paper from these days since i'm focusing on foundation!

Here are some psd stuff for CGMA

***The gladiator anatomy is horrible I know, i dunno where my head was, I made this one pretty quick and didn't review it sorry :p***

Still not finished

mardi 14 mai 2013


SO yeah, i'm back here on my blawg!
JUst got back from an amazing speedpainting session organised by Volta and met some awesome artist, especially this guys (Even Mehl) such an amazing guy and funny duude XD here's his blog:
He game me some awesome hints on drawing and stuff, so yeah, feeling really inspired to post what I have been working on! Since I've worked much more traditionnaly on anatomy n stuff, i'll just post what's digital!
So yeah, some from Animation school, some from CGMA class and others for fun!
It was about time for summer to come, this way I can draw What I want!

Animations I have made for school

background, textures, character desing composing and editing


Have a nice day peeps!