dimanche 11 décembre 2011

Some changes :D

Hey everybody ^^!
It's me :p the session ends tomorrow WOOT :D!!!

Be sure that I will update for sure during the vacation time ^^!
There's many project going on right now :D
There is one especially that I can't wait to deliver :) I made it for someone very special for me and I hope she won't watch too much my delay :s

Also, I would like to tell you that I will now update on each monday!

Instead of updation random stuff at random times, there will be a day dedicated to this where I'll post all my process and stuff :D!

SO let's go for this week practices and random stuff I did :P

Some random tryouts for a style I made when I had nothing to do in class, I know, colors sucks, I'd kill my laptop for it's shitty screen O.o
Another random thing concept I did for fun :p
Tiny legs XD

A drawing I hope to finish for christmas :p will work on that once I finish my special project which is 80% finish :D!
Also, just before leaving, here is some web template I did for a school project! 



I had to follow a predefined template but I could choose the subject and so I made it about Jace Wallace my favorite artist ^^!

Have a nice week people!

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