mardi 10 janvier 2012

It's my birthday! :D

Hell, that's right, I've now officialy turned 20!

20, Oh my god, that really feels old haha!

So, on that special day for me, I wanted to make a post out of the schedule to talk a bit about who I am and where I'm going. 

I made a lot of improvment in this last year, trying different things and drawing the most that I could!

Did you know that it has only been one year since I started digital painting? Haha I really think I made quite progress, but still, there is sooo much more to learn! And this is what is exciting ^^! I also created this blog one year ago and now that I look at it, 3000 people visited my blog this year! Do you realise how much that is for a starting guy in digital painting like me, it's feels awesome to have so many people interested in what I do and I really wanted to thank you for this :D

So, for my one year of digital painting, i'm gonna give yousome of my little tricks, and other random stuff about my work and inspiration :D

Here's my work desk, where I learn to do digital painting and listen to music!
For me, music is something very important! It gives me a good attitude and help me relax and get creative!

Here's some of my references books!
I always like to refere to some real matterial! I think that traditionnal art still has it's place in the learning process of digital painting! Oh, and by the way, this is my drawing desk!
You can find many books about girls!, some muscle reference book, hair reference book , digital painting book and a artbook by my favorite artist Jace Wallace.

Now, I would like to tell you about what inspired me first to start digital painting! Well, I saw some really good art by lots of people on the internet and I told myself: Why not, you have nothing to loose! Everything is based on a computer nowadays, so you'd better start right now! Also, I was influenced by a gay named Tomas Wilson. He is the art director at beenox and my meeting with him last year compleatly changed the way I draw! I changed my style from manga and started working a lot more on my drawing! Thank you a lot Tom!

Now, what I really dive into is pin up art, I would really like to become a pin up artist, cuz sex is in all our fantasy XD and also, there is something pure and different in that style of music! Also, I would love to creat amazing concept art for my futur work!

Appart from that, I discovered a lot of talentuous artist this year that inspired me to work even harder and to always push my boundaries in art! Here i'm gonna show you some of my favorite artist's art :

 Jace wallace - Dean Holdeen - Gil Elvgren

Lois Van Baarle - Charlie Bowater - Android Jones

Janashi - Algenpfleger


Random sexy girl, cuz I love sexy girls :D
And last thing I wanted to talk about is of course music!
I really like some good ambient house and general electronic / trance music
So here is a couple of my favorites tracks, enjoy!

And so on! They'r not my favorite artist, but their tracks are really good!

My favorite Artist are: 
Above & Beyond - Mat Kearney - Aerotek - Jaytech - Dusky - Avicii - Akon

A big Thanks to all of you!, see you sunday :D

Michaël Guimont - Wavenwater

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