dimanche 25 mars 2012

Something nice!

Hey hi dear blog readers :D!

I know I skipped a week, but believe me, not so much was done during this time and now, i've got plenty of nice stuff to show you :D are you happy ow ? anyway, right now, i'm fully happy because i'm eating some really good water melon and might get myself a cosmopolitan later ^^! love drinks! This week has been pretty hot and nice for me! I mean that I had a great time with friends and that the weather was awesome! All of this made that  was able to draw lots of nice stuff I think ^^! 

Anyway, here's last week and this week work ^^!

Learned like crazy on here! gotta practice more landscape and concept art :P but will most certenly continue to draw girls ^^ mabey learn fashion while i'm at it XD!

See younext week, thanks for pasing by!

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