lundi 18 juin 2012

HEll of a deal!


Heyyyyyy wassup guys!
OMG can't tell you how much happy I am to be back on my foot, almost XD
Anyway, it's so good to be back here, drawing, posting and stuff!
I'll be done with my full time job in 2 weeks and I recently cleared my other job, this is giving me just the good time to do a little bit of drawing when i'm back home! will hopefully be fully back pretty soon! I've exploring some thing down with brushes, but i've lost a little here during those 2 month I was absent!
Hope to recover fast, here's a little bit of tonight's work! hope you like the crappy :P haha!

just some scratch, I hope to really dig in something pretty soon, but first, I got to figure out how to paint well! will watch tutorials + wakkawa's livestream ^^!
Hope to post tommorow!

little has been done, but still, trying to figure out how to paint once again, switching between brush/eraser and making layers, gotta understand this :P

inspired by wakkawa's video and :

Guess what?! :D stuff happened again and wasn't able to draw that much ^^
Am I complaining a bit too much :P?
FUCK NO! FREAKIN LET ME DRAW!!!!! DON'T DISTURB! and let me use my time the way I want!
haha here's what little I have been able to do :(

Going to bed, last week of work :D

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