vendredi 29 novembre 2013

Matte painting

Pretty much my matte paintings for our animation, others are just sky clouds and top view stuff not worth showing here!

Hope you like it :)

day time, some bright saturated colors to give a feel of fresh air! that's what I intended it to be for the day! I tried to remember what it feels like to go out and take that deep breath at the top of a mountain during summer and then looking at the rivers and streams surrounding us, what an nice feeling :D

I kind of started those drawing about 4 to 5 time each XD sometimes it went from ok let's start this all again to hey bud, why don,t you move that mountain a bit closer to the left.
Trying to apply proportion colors and composition, and also give it a sweet look :)

Loved doing those big night sky environments.
I made them thinking back when I went to Percé in Quebec, one night particulary, the sky was clear, we went outside with our bottles of wine, a bit happy if you know what I mean and the only thing I could see was not the cute village all lightened up in the night but THE SKY and the Milky way. i fell on the floor and stayed there a good 5 mins only looking at that beauty.
So yeah, loved those and I hope I kind of grabbed that feeling of magnificent space and night mystery.

On an other end, I'm kind of borred to have those assignments at school that I feel don't reflect my passion for art and feel take that away from me in the sens that I kind of rush many things just to get them done so I can get back to what I really love. But at the end, it ends up that I have a ton of super fasty stuff that I don't like and so little of stuff that I love doing :(
Speaking of which, here is a scrap of Storyboard (most stoopid class ever where we watch our teacher showing us movies saying " have you seen that? let's watch it again, not yet satisfied, lets watch it again!" dahhhh can't handle this anymore! XD sorry) i'm  rushing this last work and then doing environments and character desing for my fun :D

*dafuck can't put this text centered O.o

These next 3 session we can make our own project for all the time!
I really hope that I am gonna be able to convience the teachers to let me paint and draw instead of doing fast concept art on the side fro teams taht I might not care about!
Let's cross our fingers to diversify my subject and range of knowlege :0
Next year, I try to get an internship yeah!

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