mardi 7 janvier 2014

Project or subject

Hey well, well, i have figured out i'm the kind of person who needs a subject to explore, or else, something bores me really fast XD I sketch whatever and get bored, but with a subject, I can go on forever haha! I prefer that!

So, some sketches from today, I dunno, random things, mabey tomorrow will be better in idea XD!
But today I made a brush and god it works soooo well!

Trying to get that color thing
So I took the class of mr Nathan Fowkes and started to make his homework it's way harder than I thaught! XD

And here's an oher one from week 2 of nathan fowkes schoolism color and light class!

random scribbles for fun no ref, mabey should have some on the side :p!

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