jeudi 6 octobre 2011

It's time for some serious update!

SERIOUSLY, what have I been doing during the whole week, no post for awhile, what's going on O.o!!!

Let me tell you, it has been a fuckin crazy week! 

I was late on homework, so I had to catch up (photography, when there is no sun outside is bad, when you have to give the homework in 2 days O.o! But I made it!)
I had some Exam I had to study if I wanna get to university one day XD

I haven't been doing a lot of drawing except nude on week's begining, will work on getting some out during my Free week at school and that's about it :D

HA! the BF3 beta was awesome, I had to stop!

OH! I did some After effects tryout for the studio i'm starting! Will show some screen, since I have a little bit of touble with the rendering, sound doesn't play, and it kills my cpu ram XD

SO yeah, time to show what i've been doing XD!

Some nudes done on monday

Some screen of my studio's logo

This is the "O" of HIVECORE studio

I dunno if you can watch the low res upload, I told ya, I had some problem with lenght of my composition and the export render!

I'm rendering it again right now, hopint it will work this time!

And, grand final, a part of my homework! 
I really enjoy retouching up pictures :D

Some more drawing this week-end :D

Ouf! this week is finally about to end :D

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