mercredi 28 septembre 2011

Really busy

Hey folks, I'm really busy this week :p
Also, everything that i did turned into some big crappy thing... 

Thinking about this, I'm not enjoying it enought when i'm drawing... I really need to put aside all the goals I want to reach and draw for fun like I used to do. It seems that right now, the only thing I want is to become more and more good to have a place at the school I want to get in, but I think that at the end, it harm me. 
Will try to fix that. 

Love would be great for that ^^ love is so inspiring :p 
Get outside, breath fresh air, see some friends, relax... impossible, too busy XD 
well, imma try to get the best out of me :D!

Will upload some nude I did last week!
just for now, here's a drawing I did in class with an intuos... nothing compared to the power of the 
Also, my laptop's screen kills color, should get you a screen, sou you could see XD!

It will be a beautiful girl with a flower on her shoulder :D

Some nude from my nude class

SOme more doodles before entering the mid semester at school XD did this on my laptop in class, so lines and color might suck a little :P

Also did this in class for next project at speed of light XD

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