vendredi 3 février 2012

A bit in advance :P

Hey Hello everybody!
now, you might want to know why the heck am I updating on a friday?

SImply because I probably won't have much time to do it this week end haha! so, I thought of updating it right now :D 

LOOOOTS of work, hope you will like it! 

Making progress slowly, but surely :D


IN class, we had to let it go, and experiment! that's what I did :p

 MOst of these are work I made following Andrew Loomis incredible book!
Really worth a download (since it's now free to public)
Other part is from my nude class

 Did some photography and photoshop experimentation with my lil sis using texture we made and photo from random people!

Sketch and tryouts! Really inspired by Loish art and also FPS punk games XD!

Thank you a lot :D

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