dimanche 12 février 2012

Some doodle and PORTFOLIO!

Heya friendly people!

it's sunday once again, and it's time to upload some new things :D!
Now, I know i'm doing this a bit late, but I got an incredible big day of work coffe and photoshop XD!
So, let's start by saying that I've compleated my portfolio for my University entry! I'm so excited, I just can't wait! On the other hand, I will use this portfolio to try to get a stage in a video game company such as beenox or frima! Wish me luck ^^!

Here we go for this week's doodle!

I experimented a lot with the basic round brush and the airbrush brush! I think they are both pretty nice to work with! I'm also following master Jace Wallace livestream, to understand his approach at softening skin and so on!

Enjoy ^^

I have to draw 100 faces to get better at them!

Project for school where we had to mix photography with illustration... first atempt failed so I made this... still don't know if i like O.o


In french btw!


see you next week!

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