lundi 23 juillet 2012

Still working hard, wanna make it to the top!

Hey hi back guys! So, I've done a couple of work today, some took longer than others but it all went pretty well at the end ^^!
Hope you like it!

Hey wassup again guys!
Today I learned a few tricks from a new website really cool!
Thaught me that I should try to separate shadows from light! So I gave it a try!
Also, did more stuff on my own, based on what I know and learned XD Ended up pretty hard :P
So here's today's work, hope you'll enjoy!

I have to go to work, this is the reason of a little lack of painting and drawing today :p
also, don't forget that there is at least 8 pasges of sketches put together in one image so it's seems more little, so i'm still working hard!
Will wake up early tommorow  ;)

Waking up early was innefective XD
Too lasy to scan so here is a page :P will update the rest later!
Sorry for not much stuff, had to work on a special project that I can't show right now :P!

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