dimanche 8 juillet 2012

This week, I hate my camera

Haha you heard it right people, When it comes to taking photo, my shitty like 2.0 megapixel canon camera is REAL SHIT XD
So that's the resaon for the shitty picture quality, really sorry!! T_T
But, today, i've been doing a lot of studies about proportion, mesures and volume :p
Have a look, hope you enjoy!

should do more photoshop tommorow :D!
That way, I'll get a good quality stuff to show!
see ya all tommorow!

Hey, today was pretty much about studies and still trying to get how to use correctly mu brushes :P

didn't took photo of pencil sketches

Heaven came knocking at my door this morning!
It's really amazing guys how much the Cintiq 24 HD is awesome!
I will try to upload a video of it and my use of brushes in a following post :D
Stay tuned!

I'm working on paper and on a top secret project, can't show now until 31 of july!
Apart from that, cintiq works like a charm, here's my morning warm up sketches (30 to 45 mins & 10 mins)

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