lundi 9 décembre 2013


Sup guys! im in my last straight line before the holiday break! yay can't wait!
SO yeah, worked on tweaking some stuff around four final project (GOAT) finished my storyboard and now gotta finish my DJ class! haha! (it's actually audio editing in animation which i'm not so great at XD! DUBSTEP!!!!

Anyways, for our character desing class, we had to make a sculpt of one of our characters and I choose my alligator! But since our teacher is fvrom the oldschool (worked on jurrasic park, lion king and stuff) we had to make our sculpture in traditional medium O.o Dam i miss Z brush in those time!
So here is what I have made, don't go crazy, but it's pretty sweet and relaxing to make with friends, you chat and it's cool! it thaught me a couple of things on how to back off from your work station to better see the whole things, which is a thing that I am currently working on :D

Yeah it's written miguel's hard wood on my plank, i'm kind of a kinky person!

As for the drawing, I am making studies which you will se at the end of the month and working on a personal piece which you'll see when it's done (it's for a contest)
On the other hand, imma making lots of stuff at school soon, really nice stuff, you'll se, but each month starting this febuary i'll have a theme and I will have to develop some visuals around that, to build up a portfolio you see :D

Have a nice days folks!

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