samedi 10 septembre 2011


This is insane :D just toooooooo much inspired by Diablo3! can't wait to put myhands on it :p there is also Path of Exile whitch looks amazing :p

Anyway, did this this afternoon after some nude practices on traditionnal paper, will continue to work on this, I really got to make a finished drawing with this one XD!

Can't wait to get DIABLO 3 and POE!!!

My screenshot of diablo 3 screen that I find goergeous!

Can't work on this much more for today, will continue tommorow :D
here's the 30 min stream I did of it :p

I'll share my brushes with you guys when this drawing will be done :D!


Why do everytime I set up my day for drawing and everyting is nice and sweet, the freakin phone rings and I gotta change my plans -_-
So... will have to work on this later folks, sry!


I found myself a little time, so I polished a bit this drawing :D

Here's the brushes I use most of the time,use them carfully!


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