jeudi 8 septembre 2011


This is what my blog is all about!,
I'm a passionate, I love art from everybody about every subject :P

Just to show you how much of a freak I'am, let's talk about my favorite artist Jace Wallace :D
Just know that I have a folder of about 470 drawing of him I found on internet and gathered from his old websites when they were up :p

Will draw evem more to be even better so stay tuned!
I'll post a project tryout of my art class tonight :D!

Working on a Ipod ad for illustration, the only problem is that we have to do this in... illustrator... BEURK!!!!

anyway, here's a sketch done in toshop

I hated this version, so a made a brand new!

FOrget this shitty version too, here's the real deal! still a sketch!




Also, I had to take photo of architecture for my digital image class, it went like this!

Did this practice before going on a night with my friends and I was like... mm there is a white space, gotta fill it so I carricatured myself... I'm not that hairy XD but I used my body for male muscle proportions references :D

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