mercredi 28 septembre 2011

Really busy

Hey folks, I'm really busy this week :p
Also, everything that i did turned into some big crappy thing... 

Thinking about this, I'm not enjoying it enought when i'm drawing... I really need to put aside all the goals I want to reach and draw for fun like I used to do. It seems that right now, the only thing I want is to become more and more good to have a place at the school I want to get in, but I think that at the end, it harm me. 
Will try to fix that. 

Love would be great for that ^^ love is so inspiring :p 
Get outside, breath fresh air, see some friends, relax... impossible, too busy XD 
well, imma try to get the best out of me :D!

Will upload some nude I did last week!
just for now, here's a drawing I did in class with an intuos... nothing compared to the power of the 
Also, my laptop's screen kills color, should get you a screen, sou you could see XD!

It will be a beautiful girl with a flower on her shoulder :D

Some nude from my nude class

SOme more doodles before entering the mid semester at school XD did this on my laptop in class, so lines and color might suck a little :P

Also did this in class for next project at speed of light XD

mardi 20 septembre 2011

I think I am lost

Well well well!
We all get to a point in life (philosophycaly talking) where we feel a bit lost, it's all different from one to another, but right now, i'm lost in photoshop :p haha i'm trying to make nice lines and shading like Jace-Wallace, and it's a hard thing XD!

anyway, here's an other drawing i'm starting :D!



Hope you like it!

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dimanche 18 septembre 2011

Woah, bad day XD

I've been more doing my homeworks today, so i did a little bit of sketches, but they sucks XD!

samedi 10 septembre 2011


This is insane :D just toooooooo much inspired by Diablo3! can't wait to put myhands on it :p there is also Path of Exile whitch looks amazing :p

Anyway, did this this afternoon after some nude practices on traditionnal paper, will continue to work on this, I really got to make a finished drawing with this one XD!

Can't wait to get DIABLO 3 and POE!!!

My screenshot of diablo 3 screen that I find goergeous!

Can't work on this much more for today, will continue tommorow :D
here's the 30 min stream I did of it :p

I'll share my brushes with you guys when this drawing will be done :D!


Why do everytime I set up my day for drawing and everyting is nice and sweet, the freakin phone rings and I gotta change my plans -_-
So... will have to work on this later folks, sry!


I found myself a little time, so I polished a bit this drawing :D

Here's the brushes I use most of the time,use them carfully!


jeudi 8 septembre 2011


This is what my blog is all about!,
I'm a passionate, I love art from everybody about every subject :P

Just to show you how much of a freak I'am, let's talk about my favorite artist Jace Wallace :D
Just know that I have a folder of about 470 drawing of him I found on internet and gathered from his old websites when they were up :p

Will draw evem more to be even better so stay tuned!
I'll post a project tryout of my art class tonight :D!

Working on a Ipod ad for illustration, the only problem is that we have to do this in... illustrator... BEURK!!!!

anyway, here's a sketch done in toshop

I hated this version, so a made a brand new!

FOrget this shitty version too, here's the real deal! still a sketch!




Also, I had to take photo of architecture for my digital image class, it went like this!

Did this practice before going on a night with my friends and I was like... mm there is a white space, gotta fill it so I carricatured myself... I'm not that hairy XD but I used my body for male muscle proportions references :D

mercredi 7 septembre 2011

Still working and trying

MAN! this is hard stuff to learn to paint O.o!

Worked on this this morning while listening to Protoculture guest mix of TATW 388

Preserve life

Rahhh tired XD will stop this here XD and will work on lens flare result :p

samedi 3 septembre 2011


Sup folks, i'm sorry, but I have a lot of work to do this week end + I have the flu, it would be crazy to get a few sketch or drawings up, but ... heunnnn, I'm affraid I will have some difficulties to make some :P
i'll keep you updated tho :P


Was finally able to draw a bit :p got some dificulties and tryed some stuff, drawing is a hard comprehenssion art :p

I was chatting while dong this, you can check it out on livestream, took a fuckin while, cuz I,m sick and well, everything go bad when sick XD


THis monday morning, i practiced on eye, face and a bunch of 3 minutes drawing O.o this is stressing, you got to go fast and forget about theory XD

I had diffuculties with the eyes, i'm going to work a bit more on this in the upcomming days!

3 min drawing
I'm lacking of real nude model, should start a class soon, but while waiting, i'm using random pron or girl picture... mabey next day i'll try some men!

tryout about eyes and faace proportions

DIdthis before my english class, When sudently! girls came next to me :p  had to stop, cuz i don't want to look like a perv, even tho if it's only art, girls are close minded XD!

4 to 5 min each
they look a bit crappier than the 3 min one don't they? it's because I was using my intuos instead of my Cintiq, can't bring this here XD

Was listening to this awesome track while working :p