mardi 7 août 2012

let's get the party started!

heyy wassup folks on this week's debut!
Just sayin I had some nice days of boating and random fun with family
Since they're back from their trip to usa, I've got to deal with them at home :p haha Joke, still have a lot of work ahead of me, so let,s get started with some fast doodle and some practice here!

I tried to do more hard round brush work, it's still pretty hard for me, I really like soft edge OwO Will work on that tommorow! 

Hey hi, it's me again, just woke up ultra early today, some stuff had to be going on :p!
So here's a little of what I was able to do this morning, some more should come up tonight :D!

An other day began this morning :p
Got a little bit carried away by game of thrones and path of exile O.o I really got to focus GOD DAMN XD
so, here are some tryouts I made today, Have a look!

Hello guys, I've been working out some other stuff today such as painting on a real canvas XD so there is not so much to be shown here!

Yeah guys! I've purchassed 2 tutorial from the incredible website CTRL PAINT they are both awesome and so, i,ve been practicing some pretty basic stuff today! gotta go trought that to get to the real things :)
Been also doing some perso stuff XD HARD STUFF!!!!

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