samedi 11 août 2012

Why wait? you can do it now!

HEyyy wassup folks! i'm in a really good vibe right now!
Just come up after mah training, cause you gotta work your body and mind! treat your body like a temple you know! Nah, but you feel pretty good after a good training :) So yeah, I came upstair watched a couple of video tutorial and I decided to give a shot at some thing, hope you like ^^!

More comming up tommorow ^^!
Vacations are almost over T_T

I've just lost about 5 sketches drawing about Atmospheric perspective -_-
So here's today's left over XD!

Hey wassup folks! had to deal with some university stuf today and drew for about 3 hrs straight by now, these are the test I've come up with :)
Mainly some render and luminosiity test I know, I really should render one completly XD!
Did a super quick 15 min bot concept
Also made a ctrl paint homework :)
not shape :D
did some sketch, but i'll take photos tommorow, time to go to bed or do somethin else XD!

 Didn't get lots of time to draw today, I feel a bit frustrated cause i'm always disturbed and I can't reach my goals nor what I want to achieve... hope tommorow will be a better day XD
Tried some skine tone practice study and face render study + imagination

Started a piece this morning :)
Rest of the day was busy :)
So here's a preview ^^!
some scans and studies comming tommorow !

Some studies for today :P

Back to work, gotta have a job too XD so imma be off for 3 days and I'll be back :)

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