mardi 28 août 2012


Hey wassup guys! i'm glad you came over here to see my work :D!
This week, I realised something bout drawing and the way I was doing it!
I remember back when I was in Desing class, seeing other people doing drawing and seemed to really enjoy it! Ho I enjoyed it too, but each time I would see a spot incorrect or a little proportion mistake or color even light mistake, I would tear appart that drawing and just forget about it! Looking back at it, I realised that I wasn't enjoying drawing as much as I used to do! :(
 I was putting WAY to much pressure on myself, trying to be the best, prove who I really am and what I could be but it ended that I was loosing my self confidence and I was not enjoying drawing but struggling to draw.
BUt now, I can honestly tell you that this will soon be over! I decided to draw what I liked, get better by doing fun stuff, getting out my style instead of copying and trying to be like the pro cuz y'know I'm just a beginer and there is a limit that right now i'm unable to reach! I will have fun drawing and reach my goals and dream this way! The fun way!

So yeah, This week's lesson is to enjoy what you do and dont let your ego get in you way to fun :)
Here's some little work, i've recently been going out with friends and stuff in order to really have fun and take a breath of fresh air! Seems to have a really positive effect on me :D

did some B&W stuff, started to work on a side project for my friend SAYUM, he's a Awesome 3d artist and he asked me to help him for his final animation at school! I was really happy! here's his website:

For the rest, it's non ref work :D

it's been a little week, but i've been having fun ^^!

well, it's ok if they look like monsters, i'm still a beginner... XD

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  1. well done. If you don´t have fun at it, then what´s the point? nice stuff :)