dimanche 22 avril 2012


There is so much beautiful things in this world, that's what makes it so... beautiful :D 
Anydong, yesterday I was out with friends and doing random stuff, hadn't been able to draw much so I catched up today :p Went out pretty well I guess!
I made a bunch of personal stuff instead of studies as requested, I really enjoyed it ^^

started a big piece, Hope to be able to finish it :D
Did a portrait of a friend and some experimental stuff too!

See ya tommorow!

Hey hi guys! It's been an orrible weather outside, but was sooo much productive today XD been playing around with almost everyting i've been studying since I started :P did some tryouts, experiments and stuff!
HO!!! AND PHOTOSHOP CS6 HAS JUST COME OUT! can't wait to get my hands on it! :P
hope you'll like today's work!

Se y'all tommorow for a newly daily dose of drawing 

 Heyyy welcome back folks!

Well, about today, you know, those kind of day where it just don't work out :p well it was one of those XD

Experimented with some things, dis one grayscale character (1 per day from now) that I failed, and so on, the usual thing! I realised that I tend to loose lots of time! I realised that I think I have time, but I don't O.O must draw more and try even more XD :P
Will work on that tommorow, for now, let's just get to bed early :D

se ya tommorow!

Sup guys, time for a new update ^^! a little bit less work today, cuz I'm working this afternoon :p
anyway, studied some Michael Hampton theory about human body and dynamic movment, I really got to understand better the mass and proportion of human body ^^
Also did some enviro studies from 15 to 40 mins + speed paint the fall :P! :P
Hope y'all like!


See ya'll tommorow ^_- 

Well, that's it...
Weird day for sure...
Will work full time for about 2 months will work as hard as I can on drawing after work I promise! But i need that money for school...

Here's today's work, I had lots of thing to do and anyway, whatever, here's the work!

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