dimanche 29 avril 2012

Not so bad

Hey Hi folks!
Welcome to the new schedule of wavenwater XD
Yep, found myself a full time job O.o for 2 months, with this, I should be able to pay all my university fee and stuff i'll need! After that, I should be back on track much like last week! As a tryout, that's what happened today, full time work and was able to draw back home! of course, there will be less, but the important is that I will continue no matter what!!!!!!!! you understand? :P 

ho and sorry for the 2 days I was gone, had to deal with some stuff :p

Yeah so how bout we go for what's been working on here today! i'll follow up tommorow ^^!

CPu fucked up so let's make this short cuz I hate rewriting stuff-_-
Day went great, didn't have much time to draw, should focus on completing stuff + blending!
skin tone practice, enjoy!

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