lundi 9 avril 2012

New way of posting :D!

 Hey hi folks!

it's me wavenwater!

Just wanted to tell you all that from now on, I will post all my images on daily updates trought only one message (I will be updating it regularly) :D

This way, I will be able to continue posting on with good images withouth having to pay for a bigger space stockage on photobucket !

Who do they think I am XD! 

So, here's what I've done today! I watched this usefull video and started to play around with some brushes! got some really nice result ^^!

Here's Day 1 work:

Also, If you want to check out the website I had to make for desing class, here it is ^^

DAY 2:

Sup folks! 

Had a little bit of school this morning, but could get out to do my work at home hehe :P if you know what i'm sayin :P
Anyway, got full of sweet thing today, a nice day at the end ^^!
Ha I showed the drawing of the girl with the CPU in her hands and my teacher went obset about the fact that women are not object and we don't have to always see them naked! Ok, i lol'd a bit :p but couldn't help but dress her up a bit. Also worked on faces still strugling to make them look alive and sweet. Practiced my blending method with photoshop,  so yeah, here's today's work ^^!

DAY 3:

Hey once again! it's now day 3 and it has been not so good so far T_T
Let me explain: I woke up last night, stroke by a weird wrish hurt! I must have mad a wrong move during the night cuz yeah XD I move a lot during the nights XD That was bad and this morning, I woke up later, cuz I was evidently tired and got a terrible headhache.. apart from that, I realised that I only drew for about 3:30 hours which is desastrous! Will wake up earlier tommorow and will work harder!

here's today's work :D Enjoy!
still strugeling with skin head and worked on hands!

Too little was done today O.o

and get some fresh air might help too XD!

DAY 4-5

WHy the heck have I been absent for a day? O.o well! I have the joy of telling you that i have been accepted in my school of art and animation :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i went out with some friends to do the party haha! woke up late and had to work in the afternoon so :P
Anyway, still practicing faces and things, focussed a lot on photoshop brushes (what I want to obtain from those) etc so here's this day's work ^^

DAY: 6

Hey Hi once again guys!
Isn't it a beautiful day today?? couldn't resist to get some fresh air outside! Went outside with my sketch pad and drew some things I wasn't used to draw! went out pretty well i guess, still got so much to learn!
Also did some man muscle / anatomy study
+ started this week complete drawing I have to make!
Only drew for about 3:30 hours, must draw moar!!!! hope you'll like this!

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  1. Hey there, I really like your art! I wanted to contact you, but I can't find your contact information. If you can, send me an email over to, and I'll mail you back :) It's about some non-paid work for a game - but I'm sure you'd like what you'll see!