mardi 17 avril 2012

weeks and years flies by!

Hey Welcome back guys!
Time to start a new week of full awesomness, learning and drawing :D
First, I'd like to say that school is over from now until next year! that mean that I will mostly be able to draw full time :D which is pretty awesome ^^! 
I found out this week that there was a freakin lot of people watching my drawing on photobucket and that made me sooo happy ^^! So many that I had to pay for a pro account, or else, my image will be deleted -_-
So from now, on, all my images will be on picasa! It's more fun on picasa anyway!
Apart from that, you might have noticed that I skipped a day of posting! work was done, but a girl called me right before I could post them and she was like Waven, it's so hot, (beautiful weather) would you be down for somethin like an ice cream? And I was like (douchebag style for fun) Y'know babe we could get a bana split and then i could give you my milshake :p (we always fool around like that (just jocking, i'm friendzone  guy:P)

so here's these days drawing!!!
Ha, I'm working on a tatoo commission and it is taking a shitload of time but it's worth it!
Been also practicing my skin tone, whithout giving much care to brush work, focussing on colors!

Heyy sup folks!

Not proud of me here, skipped an other day O.o but had an awful lot of fun whit the best people in the world :D So apart from that, that tatoo thing is driving me insane, i'm not taking those kind of commition anymore XD that's just not what I want to do in life and what I want to spend my time on :p

SO here this 2 last day work, excuse the crappy quality, I don't have time to scan :P

Thanks for watching!
must stop video games and internet!
Got really motivated with this post! go check it out!!!!:

HELL YEAHHHHHH!!! finished this tatoo, which means that i'm now freee as a bird! So will do more personal stuff ^^!
And more stuff for sure! but got to rest a bit, the party was hard for the end of the session XD haha!
Anyway, studied skull and chiks! hope you'll enjoy!
HO! and I found  a way to paint that really fits what I like ^^!

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